The Journey of the Black Madonna in History

France, England & Scotland

September 30th – October 20th 2020

The Itinerary

  • Day 1 – 30th September 2020 – Starting the Sacred Journey.

Welcome to Nice France, and welcome to a journey most sacred. Meet your fellow travelers on this pilgrimage of discovery and transformation.

  • Day 2 – 1st October 2020 – Grasse

Our journey begins in Grasse where you will tap into the ancient practice of blending aromatic resins and plants. As was done in the times of old, you will forge new knowing with a new anointing of self with your own intuited blend reflecting your uniqueness.

In the town, we visit Notre Dame du Puy’s Cathedral and view “The washing of the Feet” by Jean Honora Fragonard, as well as paintings by Rubens. We will then have some free time to further explore the Cathedral and discover ancient scents at Fragonard or Molinard, after which we will visit the Perfume Museum.

  • Day 3 – 2nd October 2020 – St Baume

Awakening in St Baume, we will plunge into the energy of Mary Magdalene. She and her fellow travelers arrived in France, and more specifically, St Baume around 47 CE. There she spread the word of Christ and performed ritual and ceremony.

We will visit The Basilica of Mary Magdalene, built on the site of her tomb and the tomb of St Maximin. Within we will view the crypt and alabaster sarcophagus containing relics of Saint Mary Magdalene. We will commune with her before we follow in her footsteps to the Grotto Sainte Baume and, like popes, kings and queens of the past, we will visit the blessed cave where she spent the last 30 years of her life performing sacred water rituals and initiations as well as being in solitude and prayer.

  • Day 4 – 3rd October 2020 – Aix en Provence / Marseille

We begin by travelling to Aix en Provence where we will visit the Paroisse Cathédrale Saint Sauveur, a Roman Catholic church built on the site of a 1st-century Roman forum. It is said to be the first church site to Saint Mary Magdalene. It has a font from the same time as Mary Magdalene.  In the vicinity, if time allows, we will visit Eglise (Church) of Notre Dame de la Seds, built on the foundations of an old 4th century church; and Église du Saint-Esprit (Holy Spirit church) which has a Black Madonna in the corner and it is said to have the remains of Mary’s ancestors. Later we travel to Marseille where Mary evangelised, later hiding with Lazarus (her fellow pilgrim from her sea voyage and the same Lazarus from biblical accounts of Jesus) outside the city walls in the catacombs. We will visit Notre Dame de Confession, in the Basilica of Saint Victor.

  • Day 5 – 4th October 2020 – Arles / Sainte Maries de la Mer

In Arles we will explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Cathedral of St. Trophime within which resides the Chapel of Relics where we will also find the Chapel of Notre Dame de Graces, the Black Madonna sits on the tomb of St Trophime.

We head to Sainte Maries de la Mer for the remainder of the day, with a potential stop-off to Our Lady of Consolation at Saint Guiraud. Also, Pezenas another Black Madonna ‘Our lady the black one’   she who gives out miracles of protection against epidemics. Sainte Maries de la Mer is often the first place of pilgrimage in Provence as it is where the three Marys and Lazarus arrived proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. This marks the beginning of Mary Magdalene’s teachings within Provence. In the crypt is the life-sized Black Madonna of Sara- le- Kali.

  • Day 6 – 5th October 2020 – Limoux / Err / Dorres / Cuxa / Rennes les Bains / Alet les Bains

We will explore a variety of Black Madonna sites beginning with Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux, the Madonna known for averting calamities in Err, Notre Dame de Belloc, Église Saint Jean de Dorres, Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa, and others if time permits. Making our way to Sougraigne, weather permitting, we will explore La Source de la Magdala (vulva), a spring dedicated to ISIS which pours out beautiful spring water and is in a V shape. From there we will travel to Rennes les Bains to the Devil’s Seat – La chaise du diable (seat of Isis Mary) and, weather permitting, we will enjoy a blessed ceremony at both sites. Nearby is also Alet les Bains: (immersing in water) Alet meaning ‘chosen place’ where we will find the Basilique Notre Dame De Marseille, a ruined abbey with great energy, St Salvayre church which is a Venus temple and the place where Nostradamus lived nearby.

  • Day 7 – 6th October 2020 – Rennes la Chateau / Carcassonne

We venture this day to Rennes la Chateau, known as a holy place in a holy region. It is an ancient Lemurian and Atlantean outpost and residing beneath its magnificent structure is a temple to the mother goddess Isis dating back 46,000 years.

We will spend half a day in Rennes la Chateau touring the site including the cemetery, the Presbytery where Sauniere lived, the Villa Bethania, the Magdala Tower, and Gardens. We may also visit the Mary Magdalene cave nearby.

We will then head back into Carcassonne, a principal town of the Cathers and where we have been staying for a few days. We will share dinner together and maybe taste Cassoulet, a local cuisine favourite.

  • Day 8 – 7th October 2020 – Mirepoix / Lourdes

We head to Lourdes, stopping on route at the picturesque medieval town of Mirepoix. At Lourdes we will visit the Cathedral of our Lady of Lourdes and the small cave where the Virgin Mary was seen, and healing water pours constantly. You will be able to explore this small town at your leisure, possibly watching the evening procession at dusk where a candle lit vigil with an effigy of Virgin Mary is carried amongst a sea of hundreds of pilgrims. It is a beautiful sight honoring the feminine. 

  • Day 9 – 8th October 2020 – Toulouse / Albi

In Toulouse we will spend the majority of the day exploring the magnificence of Notre Dame Deladaurade, which has the Notre Dame La Noire, Cathedral Saint Etienne and Basillica St Senin.

We will then travel to Albi to find the black Madonna who is patron Saint to musicians. Sainte-Cécile Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed masterpiece built entirely in bricks and is the first of its kind, and here you will find out the reason why! Also visit Eglise Notre-Dame-de-la-Dreche, when we will share yet another miraculous story of the Black Madonna.

  • Day 10 – 9th October 2020 – Mende / Rocamadour

We head to Mende where we visit Mende Cathedral (Basilique-cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Privat de Mende) where we will see an unusual Black Madonna with a rounded belly and protruding nipples, often covered by traditional garb. We will venture in the Rue Notre-Dame behind the cathedral to find Our Lady of the Fountain (Notre-Dame de la Fontaine/du Puits), the second Black Madonna in Mende.

From there we travel to Rocamadour, a beautiful Christian holy site dating back to the 10th century. People have been praying here for 20,000 years. It is a sacred and majestic site.

  • Day 11 – 10th October 2020 – Rocamadour / Aurillac / Anjony

We will spend the morning in Rocamadour, reflecting together in the Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Rocamadour and the other Chapels and crypts upon this sacred mountain. We will share story and allow time to reflect in this space of miracles.

We will then wander the quaint village shops before heading to Aurillac where we will visit Église Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges d’Aurillac. From there we head to Anjony and visit Our Lady of Anjony before driving to Murat.

  • Day 12 – 11th October 2020 – Murat / Le Puy de Velay / Clermont Ferrand

This morning we will meander through Murat and visit Church of Notre-Dame des Oliviers and the 2nd incarnation of the Black Madonna of Murat (1986-2008).

From there we will travel to Le Puy de Velay and visit Monastere St Claire with a cedar statue of Black Madonna. Time permitting, we will visit the many sacred sites in this region.

Travelling to Meymac we will see Notre Dame de Meymac., a church which has a 12-century wooden very black statue with big hands and turban and seems African in nature.

We end the day in Clermont Ferrand where we will visit both the Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption and the Romanesque Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port. There are two Black Madonnas and the one in the crypt is where the ancient well where the Romans likely worshipped Cybele. One of the Notre Dame’s we will see is from the 12th century. The wood was white until 1830’s when, unusually, she was painted black.  

  • Day 13 – 12th October 2020 – Orleans / Vezelay

This morning we will drive to Orleans to visit the Chapel Notre Dame des Miracles. Many miracles are spoken of including the successful quest of Joan of Arc to reclaim the throne for Charles VII. For a period, Joan of Arc prayed daily to the Black Madonna in her quest to secure victory from the English. Time permitting, we will explore other pilgrim sites of Joan of Arc, considered an instrument, extension and delegate of the Madonna.

From Orleans we drive to Vezelay, where we will visit The Benedictine abbey church, now the Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine (Saint Mary Magdalene) and its crypt within which are the relics of Mary Magdalene. This is a UNESCO Heritage Listed site.

  • Day 14 – 13th October 2020 – Avallon / Dijon / Troyes / Chartres

This morning we venture to the nearby town of Avallon, where the real story of the legends of Arthur and the lake originate. We then travel to Dijon, where we will visit Notre Dame de Bon Espoir. This Madonna, dating back to the 11th century, has no child and appears pregnant and sagging breasts. It resembles the Roman Cybele or Isis and is among the oldest Virgin statues in the country. From Dijon, we travel to Troyes where we visit the Église Sainte-Madeleine and the Basilique Saint-Urbain before we head into Chartres late that evening.

  • Day 15 – 14th October 2020 – Chartres

Chartres will be our base for a few days. This day will be unstructured. You may choose to roam Chartres, join one of our guides for an optional excursion into Paris to visit the Louvre, or another to see the sites of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Alternatively, you can rest and reflect on your journey so far.

  • Day 16 – 15th October 2020 – Chartres / Paris

This day we will all venture into Paris where the honoring of the Black Madonna abounds. We will visit Notre Dame de Bonne Delivrance, in the chapel of the sisters of Saint Thomas; Notre Dame de la Paix’ situated on the Rue de Picpus, home to the Black Madonna called ‘Our Lady of Peace’ and she has quite a story to tell; the L’eglise Sainte Marie Madeleine claimed to house the thigh bone of Mary Magdalene and is also a well-preserved Roman temple; Notre Dame, recently burnt extensively; and L’eglise St Sulpice and the crypt in the old church made famous in the Da Vinci Code.

  • Day 17 – 16th October 2020 – Chartres / Laon

Being a Friday, we can walk the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. We will also take a tour of the crypt to be with Our Lady of Chartres.

From Chartres we head to Laon where we will be visiting the Loan Cathedral, Chapelle des Templiers and if time permits the Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie and Laon’s Ramparts.

  • Day 18 – 17th October 2020 – Albert / Amiens / Calais / London

  We begin the day on route to Amiens, stopping in Albert to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Brebieres. We will share story of this miraculous Black Madonna before we head to the magnificent gothic Amiens Cathedral. Here we will reflect of the gifts of the sacred and divine feminine before we say goodbye to France, heading to Calais bound for London.

  • Day 19 – 18th October 2020 – London / Day Tour of Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury

We have an early start this day as we join a day tour of Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury. Sharing story, we will reference our travels in France with these sacred sites in England.

  • Day 20 – 19th October 2020 – London / Edinburgh

We may have some brief exploration time in London before hopping on a train to Edinburgh, destination Rosslyn Chapel. While it may seem a long way to go for one chapel, this journey has been undertaken by pilgrims of old. Now it is our turn.

  • Day 21 – 20th October 2020 – Roslin

This final day of our tour, we will visit Rosslyn Chapel. This site is exceptionally sacred, shrouded in secrecy to protect truth. We hope to undertake a private tour of both the Chapel and surrounding mystical locations. The town of Roslin is a fitting end to our journey of the Black Madonna and the Divine Feminine.

  • Farewells – 21st October 2020

While our tour together officially finishes on Day 21, we will ensure that everyone is away safely with their onward journeys, whether that is back home or onto other destinations.

What is Included

  • 21-day Spiritual Pilgrimage, travelling together across France and parts of England and Scotland during which we will share story and knowing, ritual, meditation and reflection.
  • Accommodation either in single share or multi-shared, depending on the package you purchased.
  • Access to your three guides throughout the journey.
  • Historical lectures of the environment we are travelling through.
  • All breakfasts.
  • Two dinners.
  • All entrance fees as required.
  • All transportation for the duration of the tour, except for optional excursion times and times outside the itinerary.
  • Tips to the driver and tour operators engaged during the tour. Tips at the two dinners provided with the tour.
  • A few gifts along the way.

What is Not Included

  • All flights and airport taxes.
  • Meals not specified within inclusions above.
  • Personal items and necessities, including special items or medication you may need.
  • Laundry costs incurred during the tour.
  • Any phone or data access costs incurred during the tour.
  • Guaranteed Wi-Fi access.
  • All transport costs outside of the itinerary, more specifically before and after the tour.
  • All insurance costs, including personal liability, medical insurance and baggage insurance.
  • Someone to carry your luggage into accommodation, including when there is no elevator available. We will do our best to assist you, however, it is not guaranteed.
  • Tips other than those within inclusions above.
  • Anything else not specified within inclusions above.

What to bring

  • Your luggage of medium size not exceeding a standard 24” suitcase which is 65x 46 x 27.5 cm. Ensure you are informed of your total luggage capacity so that you can manage your luggage weight. We will have access to weighing scales at any time, upon request.
  • Carry-on luggage not exceeding 7kg, a backpack would be good but not essential.
  • Safe travel handbag and/or backpack to carry during the day and/or on walks while on the tour.
  • A current passport with at least 6 months of currency remaining from the last date of the tour, in this instance, a passport valid until 20 April 2021.
  • A journal to record you pilgrimage reflections and knowing.
  • Minimal clothing which can also be washed with ease. We will create opportunities to wash clothing. Footwear should also be minimal, including supported and comfortable footwear for walking, including some sites which require outdoor hiking and/or walking on unsealed and/or uneven surfaces. You may bring a hiking stick if you choose.
  • Any products you require to support your journey such as eye and face masks, ear plugs, toiletries and medications. Please note that for all prescription and non-prescription medication (such as pain relief), you are required to carry with you your doctor’s authorization script(s).
  • Mobile phone. We recommend that you contact your provider to manage your oversea use of your mobile phone or purchase a SIM to use locally (These can be purchased before departure or purchased upon arriving at your destination). We will be able to access Wi-Fi periodically, however, it is not guaranteed at any time.
  • Camera (if separate to your mobile phone) and any other electronic devices and chargers you require. Please note that batteries and chargers are to be held within carry-on luggage while on flights.
  • Local currency for small purchases and tips, debit or credit facilities for your purchases, including unforeseen expenses. You may also enquire about a Cash Passport (a debit card in which you may load money in the local currencies, all organized before you leave). The advantage of a Cash Passport is that your money is more secure than cash and can be “topped-up” at any time by direct debit transfer.

 About Us

Rosslyn Blundell

From the age of 19, Rosslyn has traveled the world following in the footsteps of history.

While she has owned and run a very successful hairdressing business for many years, her passion lies in unravelling the mysteries in history, searching out the truth behind the secrets tucked away in forgotten places.

Rosslyn has completed a degree in Arts majoring in Archaeology and Ancient History and is currently perusing a Masters in Archaeology of the Black Madonna. This inaugural tour reflects her enthusiasm for the mysteries of the Black Madonna, incorporating unique and extensive well-known and hidden places in France, England and Scotland that awaken us to what has shaped us as the people of today.

Angela Fagan

Angela, a gifted clairvoyant medium, has been guiding people to a place of deep transformation for over 20 years. Her clarity of vision, integrity and purity of intention invites a return to balance and an accessing of our own innate knowing. Many describe her presence as an experience of safety and lovingness.

Her intention in hosting spiritual tours is to create safe and sacred space throughout the pilgrimage for transformation to occur.

Enrica Mallard

Described as a modern mystic, Enrica has been facilitating people around the world for over two decades. Her work focuses on awaken others into their unique potentialities. In 2018, she published her first book, Enlightenment in Suburbia, guiding and clarifying what is hindering us all from reaching a more enlightened existence.

Enrica’s hosting of spiritual tours invites the same transformation throughout the tour and particularly as we be present at the sacred sites on our journey. Her intention is always for more of your true Self to be in the world.

If you are interested in this Tour, please download the brochure for your convenience.