Rosslyn Blundell, Angela Fagan and Enrica Mallard come together in Sacred Spirit Tours having known each other for two decades.

They met participating and facilitating the Melbourne arm of the personal development programme “The Goddess Within” lead by Diane McCann Mathews.

Their mutual personal commitment to authentic change within themselves remains unwavering and is perpetually mirrored in their passions and their work.

Sacred Spirit Tours emerged organically as they traveled together, noticing the potency and insight that arose as they communed in sacred spaces.

With Rosslyn’s knowledge and experience travelling for most of her life, Angela’s clairvoyance and clarity and Enrica’s insight, a gift was born to be shared.

Their vision is to awaken you to your authentic self as they tap into the potency and Divine presence at sacred sites which have been the destination of pilgrims for centuries.

Invite change and transformation for yourself by joining them on any of their sacred spirit tours.